Block Party: Google Releasing “Ad Blocker” For Chrome Early Next Year

Google will reportedly introduce an ad blocker to Chrome early next year and is telling their publishers to get ready. Google is informing websites to assess their ads and strip any disruptive ones from their pages.

The Chrome ad blocker won’t block all ads from the web however. It will only block ads on pages that are deemed annoying or intrusive. Examples of these kind of ads are videos that autoplay or pop ups that take up entire screens.

Don’t Call It An Ad Blocker

Image Credit: Marketing Land

Google is referred to their new features as an ad “filter” as opposed to an ad blocker. It will still allow ads to be displayed on pages that meet requirements. The “filter” will reportedly run on both desktop and mobile.

Google is providing a tool to publishers to run on their sites to see if their ads are unacceptable and in violation of Google’s requirements.

So who determines if an advertisement is unacceptable? Well, there is a group called the Coalition for Better Ads which help determine unacceptable ads and help improve the web experience for users. Members of this group include Google, Facebook and the Washington Post.

So why is Google introducing this feature? To remove bad ads and improve web performance. Bad ads tend to make the web experience bad for the consumer. Terrible web experiences with ads have lead many web users to use ad blockers to remove ads from their browsing experience. On the other hand, it also helps Google generate more revenue.

If users keep using ad blockers, it will be hard for publishers to make money since most websites rely on ads to keep running.

Can Google Make It Work?