What’s In Your Bag: Naa Oyoo Kumodzi

What’s In Your Bag? is a feature where Tech Nova asks the average Ghanaian what devices and gadgets they use in their daily lives. For today’s feature, we’re showcasing the gadgets used by lifestyle blogger Naa Oyoo Kumodzi.

This post was written by Naa Oyoo Kumodzi

iPad Air 2

It’s my go-to for accessing documents saved in my iCloud on my Macbook. That way i don’t have to carry the bulky Macbook and I get to access files I need. I got this about 3 years ago and it’s still in great shape. I however have reduced the amount of apps on it and kept it to apps which help me to create content. I used to have games on it but deleted them to be more productive 😀 .

My iPad goes to church with me as I have the Bible app and Notes app on it.

iPhone 6S

A gift from my husband on my birthday. This phone is a life saver for taking videos at 4K quality for my YouTube and blog. Its easy to mount on a mini-tripod i just bought. My iPhone is literally a computer in my handbag. I use it to take photos, take quick notes, post a new blog post on the go, capture moments on video, creating graphics for my blog, updating my twitter app, listening to Spotify, connecting with friends and family via FaceTime and knowing what’s happening in the world with apps like Flipboard. It’s battery life is pretty good but I am a heavy user so I have to charge it everyday to stay connected.


As a food and lifestyle photographer, the olloclip is a plus for taking photos in a different perspective such as wide angle and fish-eye angles. I sometimes take macro shots as well for a different outlook and in-depth on minute objects. I got the olloclip for the iPhone 6S as a wedding gift and I was super excited! It comes with four different lenses and a cute bag for storage and lens cleaning.

Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch

Although this isn’t in my handbag, I keep it in my backpack when hitting town. My Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch  is life. I got it about 4 years ago and I have never been disappointed. I don’t even know how I survived using a Windows OS. It’s my tool for blogging, setting appointments, managing teams on Slack, editing of photos on Lightroom and listening to music when in my home office and general work overall. I hope this lasts for the next 5 years as I don’t have any plans of buying the new Macbook which is a technological misnomer.

Canon 6D

My canon camera fits in my handbag on days that I want to go exploring in town to capture life in Accra. The camera is handy but quite heavy after a prolonged use. It has consistently delivered quality photos and its super easy to use and understand. The features of Canon aren’t complex and it has Wifi capabilities which enables me to connect it to the canon app on my iPhone 6S. This is a life-saving feature which helps me to quickly edit photos and send to a client or friends after an event. Pretty impressive.

Naa Oyoo Kumodzi is lifestyle blogger and a social media consultant at onebaobab.comYou can find Naa Oyoo on Twitter You can also check out her personal blog at naaoyooquartey.com and her food blog at seemychow.com