Got A Broken iPhone Screen? Apple Has A Machine For Fixing That

We all know how it feels to drop your phone and have a cracked screen. You can either:

  1. Work with the phone while it’s cracked and figure out how to save up
  2. Immediately rush to the nearest repair person and bargain for a price

Well, Apple has taken notice of all of your cracked screens and is offering a personalized solution. The company has has built a custom machine to repair cracked and shattered iPhone screens.

Apple plans to deploy 400 of their machines to selected authorized retailers in 25 countries (Ghana included?)

Horizon Machines

The machines will user’s phones through a mini-factory process, optimizing the display for each individual device. Called Horizon Machines, Apple has been testing these devices in stories in London, San Francisco and other areas.

Horizon Machine | Image Credit: Reuters

So will these devices eventually roll out to countries like Ghana? Also, is the price to fix your broken iPhone going be higher or lower if these machines are used to fix your device?

We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, you might want to buy a case for your iPhone or be more careful that you don’t crack your screen.