Event: Django Girls Accra Will Be Having A Workshop For Beginners On June 17th

The folks at Django Girls will be having a workshop for female coding beginners on 17th, June, 2017 in iSpace hub, Accra.

The free, one day workshop is targeted at women and girls and it’s to help them learn the basics of web development by creating their first website in Python and Django programming languages.

Django Girls want to give you females the opportunity to learn how to program and eventually become fully fledged women programmers.

Tech Nova will be there to cover and event and will be posting highlights and a summary afterwards.

Stay tuned for more info.

About Django Girls

Django Girls Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“the CIO”). The goal of the foundation is to advance the education of the public in particular but not exclusively women in the subject of computer science by providing or assisting in the provision of programming workshops and educational material.

The foundation achieves that by:

  • providing opportunities, such as free, accessible programming workshops for women and creating educational materials available online;
  • promoting the image of female software engineer by driving advertising campaigns to encourage women to join the IT field and highlighting existing role models.

Source: Django Girls