Update: DVLA To Introduce New Drivers Licences Starting On July 18th


It looks like the Ministry Of Transport is SUSPENDING the issuance of the new DVLA driver’s license until necessary approvals have been followed.

The Ministry of Transport has asked the DVLA to submit a memorandum on the project to the Ministry to enable them to seek the necessary approval from Cabinet

There has been some backlash from individuals such as the Drivers Association who are bemoaning the cost of the new licenses which would be significantly higher than the old ones because of the security enhancements.

Original Story

Get ready for  new drivers licenses this coming July.

The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) will phase out existing driver’s licence in Ghana and replace them with new ones starting July 18th.

The new driver’s license will have some security features in the form contact chips embedded in them (like biometric passports) which will make it difficult to duplicate.

The new driver’s licence will reportedly have enhanced features like biometric passports

According to the CEO, Kwesi Agyemang Busia, users will be able to pick up the new driver’s license between three weeks and a month after their applications has been submitted. But if users want a faster process, they can pay for premium service and receive their licenses in two weeks. Users will have the option of picking up their licenses from the DVLA offices or have it delivered for a fee.

Applicants will also have the option of picking it up at any of the DVLA offices across the country or having it delivered to their offices at a fee.

Where Are The Traffic Cameras?

Just a quick editor’s note: Sometimes organisations like DVLA announce features like this and it never comes to fruition. This is definitely something to keep an eye on. The DVLA did announce that they would roll out traffic cameras in Accra starting in June (See: DVLA & NRSC Want To Install Dedicated Traffic Cameras)

Well, it’s June 8th and we haven’t had an update about this. We’ll keep checking. But like most of these stories, we can’t help but be skeptical about the rollout.