Heated Competition: Dropping Is The Latest Ride Sharing App To Enter The Ghanaian Market

Looks like we have a new ride-sharing app in town.

Last week, Dropping officially launched their service at the Achimota Transport Terminal. With Dropping, users get the option of Taxis, Private vehicles and high-end luxury vehicles.

With Dropping, this adds to the list of ride-sharing platforms in Ghana which include Uber, Uru, Yenko and now Dropping.

With Dropping, users have the option of booking rides in advance for future travels. This feature is also found in other apps like Uru but not bigger names like Uber.

Another advantage that Dropping may have over other ride-sharing apps like Uber, is that fact that Dropping does not charge commission on rides. The company only takes 1 GHC booking fee per ride.

Driver Sign Up

Interested Taxi and private car drivers can be registered on the app for free in any city or town in Ghana.

Drivers can start registration by sending their name, location, phone number and license plate via SMS/WhatsApp to 054 4090 863. After that, they get vetted by the company. After all is said and done, drivers will be ready to go online and start earning money.

Drivers on Dropping get paid in cash after a trip with a passenger is over.

Ride Sharing Space Is Getting A Little Crowded

After the success of Uber in Accra, it appears more ride sharing apps are coming into the market to get a share of the ride sharing space. With Dropping being the latest competitor, it should be interesting to see how consumers respond to this influx of ride sharing apps.

Uber is still the big brand name in Ghana but it may need to watch its back before it starts losing share of the market to these other platforms. With passengers sometimes disgruntled with Uber drivers and Uber drivers also complaining about their pay, some consumers and drivers may defect if they don’t see improvement from the service.

But Uber does have the muscle and the money to fend off competition. It looks like Taxify already left the market and if Uber can launch in Kumasi and start operating Mobile money transactions, they could be a step ahead of the competition.

Only time will tell.

The Dropping app is available for Android and iOS and you can download it from the respective stores.(Google Playstore, iOS Appstore )