Money Maker: WhatsApp Is Ready To Start Bringing In Revenue

WhatsApp in its current form, does not make any money. Facebook bought the popular messaging app in 2014 for $19 billion.

Well, it looks like WhatsApp is getting ready to make a push for making revenue. Facebook has started hiring personnel for a number of monetization roles including a product manager position to “lead product development on our monetization efforts.”

Other roles include a product marketing manager position for selling and marketing that product to actual customers and a business communications position role in which the lead will help explain WhatsApp’s business to the media.

Other personnel WhatsApp is looking to hire are persons with “prior experience in local, search and payments.” The roles are focused on creating something for emerging markets.

In-App Communication And Payment Service

WhatsApp was already rumored to be prepping a payment platform in India and now it looks like they’re looking to build a team to go into other markets like Brazil and possibly Africa in the near feature.

Facebook is reportedly also testing a product that would let businesses communicate with customers via WhatsApp.

This is a smart move by WhatsApp considering that users actually sell their products and services via WhatsApp while businesses use the app for customer service. Implementing an official service in WhatsApp for businesses while implementing payment services seems like the logical next step for WhatsApp.

The ability to send and receive money through WhatsApp? That sounds like a game-changer.

Source: Recode