Vodafone Launches “Vodafone Black” Loyalty Program

Last weekend, Vodafone launched their invite only loyalty program called “Vodafone Black“.

The aim of the loyalty program is to make loyal Vodafone customers feel special and appreciated. Vodafone will be offering periodic surprises and other special offers to Vodafone Black customers.

Yolanda Cuba (CEO Of Vodafone) showcasing a Vodafone Black card | Image Credit: AON (Twitter)
Yolanda Cuba (CEO Of Vodafone) | Image Credit: AON (Twitter)

Vodafone Black Perks

Some special services for Vodafone Black customers include 20GB a month plus a deal to get high-end smartphones. Vodafone Black customers can also get preferential treatment such as skipping queues to be serviced when they enter a store.

Other special services include an unlimited mobile plan to call all friends and family on Vodafone Ghana as well as other local networks and abroad.

Vodafone Black customers will also receive free installation of Vodafone’s Fibre broadband to their home Internet.

How To Join Vodafone Black

The Vodafone Black program is invite only and the details for how customers get accepted into the program is unclear. We’ll update this article once we have more details on that front.