Dear Vodafone, We Need To Talk About Your Vodafone Black Program

Hi Vodafone,

Long time user here. Congratulations on the launch of your Vodafone Black program. The pictures from the event looked great. I also heard about the perks.

Image Credit: @Angelamp001 (Twitter)

Unlimited mobile plans. Free fiber broadband connections. That all sounds cool.

But wait. What’s this about this program being for “high value” customers? What exactly does that mean?

But yeah, as a long time user, I feel I like I’ve been kind of put on the roadside. Believe me, I’m been a long time customer even when you decided you’ve made some decisions which would otherwise drive away other customers.

I was there where you first had “unlimited” data. But of course, you nixed those “unlimited” plans and instead gave us capped data at 20GB and 40GB with the excuse that users don’t even use all that much data.

I didn’t see the need to sign that petition which wanted to stop you from doing that. So, I was still loyal and willing to put up with that.

Petition to remove Vodafone’s Broadband cap

Then you decided to jack up the prices for your broadband packages. I thought it was a bit unfair. I had to drop down my monthly data package from 200GB to 80GB because it didn’t fit my budget. That meant, I had to cut off some things I would normally do so I didn’t exhaust my bundle before the end of the month.

Still, I didn’t switch. I stayed with you.

And now, you’ve unveiled your Vodafone Black program and you’re inviting “loyal and high-value customers” to that program.  That sounds great but the question is: Who exactly are these loyal and high-valued customer? and why is it “invitation only” and “exclusive” club? And why did I not get an invite?

Honestly, this just sounds like one of those experiences that only the top earners in Ghana get to have. If what I’m hearing is true, those “Vodafone Black” customers actually get to come into a store and cut queues? That sounds so boujie….

Of course, it’s your company. You can do what you want. All I’m saying is this: Don’t forget the little guy. That little guy has been there from the beginning. You launched your nice little Vodafone Black exclusive club with exclusive perks and made it “invitation only”.

Oh well. I’m still a Vodafone broadband customer. But can I tell you a little secret: I’m not brand loyal.

If MTN or even a new entity from the Tigo/Airtel partnership comes out with affordable broadband, I will not hesitate to switch.

But maybe I’m jumping the gun. Perhaps you’re already planning a nice little gift for the Vodafone customers who have stuck with you all this while and can’t get onto Vodafone Black.

Well, let’s all hope so….

Once again, congratulations on your Vodafone Black launch. I look forward to seeing what loyalty programs you have for the other “loyal” customers.

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