Tonaton Unveils Plan For Drone Delivery Service

Tonanton, Ghana’s leading e-commerce platform, is working on plans to make delivery of packages by drones a reality in Ghana.

Tonaton has already started running it’s first tests using drones to deliver packages.

“Drone deliveries is one of the many ways we are trying to improve the user experience by not just cutting down the service cost but reducing the delivery times as well”, says Zubair Riaz, Managing Director of

Delivery by drones will be done through Tonaton’s Buy Now service and could help curb the inconvenience of traffic and the physical distance that exists between a buyer and a seller.

Cost Saving

Even if drones end up handling only a small portion of Tonaton Buy Now’s overall deliveries, the implications could be far-reaching. With delivery by drones, Tonaton might not need as many delivery men or other costly logistical operations such as delivery vans or dispatch riders.

In utilizing drone delivery, Tonaton customers will be able to receive their orders quicker than before, as soon as orders are placed.

Drone Regulation

Although Tonanton has begun testing its drone delivery service, it still has to wait on the Ghana Civil and Aviation Association (GCAA) for approval. Current operations of drones without registration could land users in jail for 30 years if found guilty of operating unregistered drones in unapproved areas.

Currently, the GCAA has a process for registering all commercial drones in Ghana. Whether the GCAA approves Tonaton’s plan for drone delivery remains to be seen. If approved, Tonaton will get the green light to start its drone delivery service.

Will Drone Delivery Work in Ghana?

Drone delivery is a fairly new concept in Ghana. Amazon is already in the process of kicking off its drone delivery program and is in line to receive approval from the US government.

Can Tonaton drone delivery in Ghana beat Amazon?
Can Tonaton beat Amazon to drone deliveries in Ghana?

If Tonaton gets the go-ahead for drone delivery in Ghana, it will be a major milestone in technology application in Ghana as the company will be the first service to utilize drone delivery in the country. How users react to this should be interesting to see.

We’ll have to wait and see how this goes.

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