Omanye Limited launches Omanye Globile – A Telecommunication Service

Omanye Limited announces today the official launch of its telecommunication service, Omanye Globile. The service enables people to make cheap international calls from wherever they are in the world.

The service, which is accessible via an Android app, will enable individuals who for personal or business reasons have to maintain voice contacts with people over long distances, to do so efficiently and affordably.

Omanye Limited has, for close to a decade, operated Omanye Money; its worldwide money transfer and payment business, offering its users quick, easy, secure and low-cost money transfer. Now, with the commencement of Omanye Globile, the company is introducing another innovation, this time in the world of telecommunication, promising the same ease and low cost for Omanye Globile users.

Consumers can choose desired phone numbers from over 35 different countries allowing them to maintain a local presence in their chosen countries even when traveling. Family and friends can also reach Omanye Globile users at a cost saving rate, simply by dialing their chosen local number.

A woman on the phone using Omanye Limited Globile

The service offers many call plans, from pay-as-you-go, monthly unlimited and destination plans to suit the particular needs of each user. All monthly calling plans include great features such as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, and call forwarding – at no extra charge. There are no roaming charges.

Omanye Globile does not require two users to have the app before they can communicate, although phone calls from one Omanye Globile user to another are always FREE, if they each are on a plan.

Commenting on the service, the CEO of Omanye Limited, Sammy Crabbe said: “Connectivity is Productivity and Omanye’s aim is to bridge the digital divide and help individuals and businesses become successful by operating in the global arena as if they were locals. They should be able to sell, buy, support clients, reach and be reached wherever they are on any device’’.

To enable Omanye Globile on your Android device, visit and register. Apply for Omanye Globile, chose a phone number from your desired country and a call plan. Download the Omanye Globile app from the play store and enter the service code given when you applied.

How to get Omanye Globile


About Omanye Limited

Omanye Limited is a company based in the UK that offers payment and transfer service globally.  It has since 2010, successfully operated its FinTech service, Omanye Money – providing international remittance, money transfer and payment. Omanye Limited is constantly rolling out into new markets. The introduction of Omanye Globile, a telecommunication service, is in line with our aim to use modern technology to create innovative solutions for present needs, and to do so reliably and efficiently.