Mazzuma Intends To Disrupt The Mobile Money Market With Its App

Few weeks after I had written the article on the longevity of Mobile Money in Ghana, I came across a very catchy ad on my twitter timeline. It was for “Mazzuma” and they were offering seamless mobile money transactions, through an app. My attention was caught – I immediately followed them and downloaded the app, knowing I would definitely pen down this feature.

What is Mazzuma?

Mazzuma is a Mobile Money payment app that allows you to send and receive money across all networks. One thing sets them apart. They have an integrated BOT on Facebook messenger that gives customers a revolutionised customer interface. Just brilliant!


How does this work?

Mazzuma’s brilliance is in a lot of things, but this one factor trumps the rest – No Mobile Money agents needed. Really, None! Just your mobile phone and you’re good to go. Mazzuma puts all your favourite Mobile Money services in one place. You can send money across all networks without the use of token; be your own agent.

Of course, this is ideal for merchants and business for receiving payments from customers. No extra cost during transaction. You can also track all transactions on the interactive dashboard.

Who is behind Mazzuma?

Mazzuma is an initiative of the Cyst Group, a software innovation company founded by two young Ghanaian Entrepreneurs, Kofi Genfi and Nii Osae Osae Dade.  

In a country like Ghana where Mobile Money is largely revolutionising the way people bank, Mazzuma has made a statement, that if marketed properly, could disrupt the fin-tech industry.

We see its prospects, and we’re excited about its future.

The Mazzuma app is available for download on Android at the play store and on IOS at the app store.

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