Lite Work: Google Is Testing a ‘Search Lite’ Feature For Countries With Slow Internet

Google is the process of testing a light version of their search app. This version is speculated to be meant for places with poor or slow internet connections, most likely targeting developing countries.  At the moment, the app is said to be available in the Playstore in Indonesia.

Functions of the app are similar to Google’s current search app. With the Search Lite app, users are presented with information in the form of a grid of icons, as represented by the screenshot below.


One of the major differences is how Search Lite uses data. The lite app will use very little bandwidth but will still be able to do the same things as similar to the Google app in a country with fast connection. Google has created similar apps like Youtube Go which is a light version of its YouTube app which is currently testing in India and will be available in a beta later this year.

Source: Android Police

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