Surfline GH Run A Great Data Promotion, But I Wish It Was Standard Pricing

On Sunday 27th August, one of Ghana’s 4G LTE providers, Surfline Ghana, announced an interesting promotion. Surfline users could buy 10 GB of data for just 10 GHC (!).

The data validity lasted for 6 hours after which users could buy another 10GB of data for 10 GHC again if they wished.

Honestly, this is actually one of the best promotions a company has run in my opinion. Firstly, you’re getting a huge amount of data for a very reasonable price. Secondly, the fact that it lasts for a whole day on Sunday, giving you 6 hours of validity, was a great move.

I’ll be frank: I bought 20 GHC worth of data and used 20 GB for a LOT of streaming of TV shows that I have queued up.

But the inner tech nerd in me wishes this price promotion was the normal price for 4G data.

The Price Of Data Is Still Too High

Honestly, the price of mobile and internet in Ghana and other African countries like Nigeria is too high.

Currently, 20 GHC gets you 1.5 GB of data on Surfline’s normal packing. 75GHC gets you 12 GB of data, which is close to 10GB that the Surfline promotion offered.

10 GHC for 10 GB is a home run. You’re basically casting a wider net and getting more users to purchase and use 4G for their online activities.  Of course, you could say this was just a great marketing scheme to get more users onto the network for the time being in hopes of turning them into long term customers. Nevertheless, it’s still a great strategy.

But if you ask me, I think 10 GHC should get more than 1.5 GB of data.

What would be my best price point? 10 GHC for 5GB at the minimum.

Maybe once Surfline analyzes the data from their Sunday promo, they might see a very higher number of users who took advantage of this promo compared to other promos they’ve run. Perhaps it could signal to them that they need to consider lowering some of their price points for higher data to get more users signed up.

But kudos to Surfline nevertheless for the promo. I have a lot of TV shows I managed to catch up on.

It was a great lazy Sunday for me.