Expresso Back? Telecom To Restart Full Operations As Celltel By October 2017

Expresso back? Well, it seems like it.

Expresso Telecom is expected to restart full operations under a different name, Celltel, within the next three months. Kludjeson International Limited, the original owners of Expresso, said they have made moves to put the company back on a strong footing and ensure it regains its enviable position in Ghana’s telecoms space.

Expresso’s total subscribers have decreased from its record high of 394,051 in 2008 to 40,111 as at the end of March 2017 and 23,264 as at the end of April 2017 with a market share of just 0.06%.

New Direction

Expresso will re-adopt its original name, Celltel, with a new strategic direction.

“The new Celltel is going to be the best company in Ghana because we are going to provide a Wi-Fi strategy. We are moving to all the districts call it One-village One-WiFi.” said Executive Chairman, Dr. Prince Kofi Kludjeson.

Image Credit: Ghana News Agency

“Agreements have been signed and we have $250 million budget to roll out the new strategy and it’s all going very well. We have Cisco leading, we have Google, we have Starlite from India for solutions. There is also Facebook monetizing, as well as Apple, Foscam. We’ll create jobs, we’ll create wealth.” Dr. Kludjeson continued.

Source: MyJoyOnline