Aeroshutter Pivots It’s Drone Business Into Construction and Agriculture

Founded in 2014, Aeroshutter began with Aerial photography and videography for small and medium businesses. But now, the company is pivoting into new ventures.

Aeroshutter is now advancing into other industries, namely Agriculture, Construction, and Mining. Recently, Aeroshutter merged with Heptagon drones, a drone service start-up in Ghana. By merging forces, both companies are able to have a diverse team of developers, drone pilots, and business analysts.

With a focus on agriculture, Aeroshutter is mapping farmlands, analyzing plant health and maximizing yield and plant counting. By doing this, Aeroshutter seeks to help farm owners make better and more accurate business decisions, measure growth and in the long run, maximise plant yield.

Image Credit: Aeroshutter

Aeroshutter is also helping to generate key data by constructing 3D models that ascertain accuracy that helps farmers, architects and construction firms.

Drone Licensing

Aeroshutter is currently in the process of obtaining their RPAS Operating Certificate from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). GCAA has developed a roadmap for licensing of operations for drone companies in Ghana and Aeroshutter has begun the process of acquiring one.

Aeroshutter has no plans of leaving the media business of Aerial photography and video. Their pivot to Agriculture can be seen as more of a diversify their business.

Source: Aeroshutter

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