What Does This Chix n Ribs Ad’ Say Of Eateries In Ghana?

So I recently paid a visit to Chix & Ribs over at A&C mall and came across this cheeky Ad and found it really interesting. I’m a regular there, so I know this was something recent. Not only were they bragging, but also promoting their Facebook/Instagram accounts.

They also went on to advertise their trip advisor rating on the same door slide, which was also really fascinating to see. But asides all the cheekiness, what does this really say about food spots and restaurants in Ghana? Are they done living in isolation with no online presence at all? Or are they finally noticing the trend in Ghana – people go online and get food reviews before they eventually go a restaurant? I think it’s the latter.

Brand Online Presence

For the longest period, restaurants and eateries in Ghana had always been living in isolation. It was for the most part, a chore, to see any online presence of restaurants in ghana. The most you would find is a facebook page – which is updated once a month. Menu’s, location and amenities, which is priority for first time visitors or tourists were almost impossible to find online.

Folks would have to rely on word of mouth, which is very relative. But the business owners never really bothered about these things – their cash balance at the end of their FY year was all that mattered.

Ironically, it helps to know, for visitors, what your restaurant offers, specifically, how much it costs and say for example, if you have wifi services (For Cafe’s).


The brag Ad’ was definitely done on purpose. You see, Accra is a highly competitive city, as regards eateries. There’s a lot of them, almost all offering the same kind of food, at averagely the same price. So what convinces someone to try yours rather than say, a Lord of the wings or Papaaye.

This is where the brag poster plays a part. The management of Chix-n-ribs must have known this and capitalised on it to their advantage (If indeed that is true) . It’ll be interesting to know, if that Ad’ has converted any first time visitors at their eatery.

Accra Is Finally Connected

Accra, a vastly distant society at some point, is finally connected. Connected via social media. Today’s Ghana millenials love the feeling of being connected – they want to go to an eatery, take a picture of what they ordered, and be able to tag the restaurant they’re in on Instagram.

This is really what connectivity brings, and these restaurants have figured that they need to give their customers an all round experience, hence these pages.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for Chix-n-ribs, and there’s definitely a lot they can build on from there – maybe a website next?

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