Event: Facebook Developer Circles Accra Launch Meetup

The inaugural meetup for the Facebook Developer Circles Accra is happening this weekend.

The first meetup of the Facebook Developer Circles Accra is bringing together developers from within and outside Accra to connect, learn and collaborate with each other to share knowledge, build ideas and learn about new technologies.

For the first meetup, there will be technical presentations from the likes of Edem Kumodzi (Andela, Storefoundry), Chiamaka Nwolisa (AFRadio) and Ashwin Ravichandran (Meltwater Incubator).

There will also be a panel discussion which will discuss how developers can best position themselves to either start tech companies or get jobs in Ghana.


Edem Kumodzi

Senior Developer at Andela and Co-Founder of StoreFoundry

Chiamaka Nwolisa

React Native Developer at AFRadio

Ashwin Ravichandran

General Manager of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology Incubator (MEST)

Location, Date and Time

The event will be held at the Meltwater Incubator (East Legon) on September 30, 2017. The event is expected to start at 2:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM.