New “Smart” Driver Licenses To Be Issued By DVLA Starting November 7th

The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) will soon introduce a new driving license starting from November 7th.

According to the DVLA, the new license will include a chip that contains the driver’s information, which in itself will be linked to the new national identification system.

From November 7th, the DVLA will start issuing the new license to drivers. The new license will need to be renewed every six years. All old licenses are still valid until they expire.

New Driver License Fees

With the new “smart” driver licenses, an additional fee will be paid to obtain the new cards. The new driver’s license will add an additional 91 GHC to the current on all other services including replacement:

Replacing Old License – 64 GHC + (91 GHC) = 155 GHC

New Driver License – 166 GHC + (91 GHC) = 257 GHC

Transfer Of Foreign License To Ghanaian One – 364 GHC + (91 GHC) = 445 GHC

Source: Graphic Online

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