Techpreneur Magazine – An Online Digital Magazine Highlighting Ghana’s Tech Scene

Tech Nova prides itself on being a platform where we get to tell stories online about technology, startups and personalities in Ghana.

But there are other resources and avenues where readers can catch up with stories of up and coming brands and personalities of Ghanaian techpreneurs as well as discover the tech scene in the country. One of those resources is the Techpreneur Magazine.

Techpreneur Magazine is a Digital Media platform that shines a spotlight on the amazing young tech professionals and entrepreneurs that are behind the brightest innovation and startups in Ghana and the sub-region and guiding African tech startups towards greater success.

The third issue of Techpreneur’s digital magazine was launched a few weeks ago together with a newly rebranded website and android mobile application. The new magazine app was built in collaboration with DevApps Consult and available to a select few for beta testing.

Launch of third issue of techpreneur

The digital magazine was started in August last year as part of an initiative to promote Ghana’s booming technology space and shine a spotlight on the young tech entrepreneurs driving this growth.

According to Publisher Clement Fianko, the team is keen on driving digital innovation and constantly working on new and innovative ways to engage its readers: “We are steadily working around the clock to come up with interesting content and innovative ways to engage our readers and to make the digital magazine easily accessible to readers all over the globe.”

The third issue features the ten most disruptive people in Ghana’s technology space with mentions of the likes of Derry Dean, Raindolf Owusu, Farida Bedwei, Ethel Cofie and more, plus extensive interviews with young professionals and entrepreneurs doing amazing things in technology.

Third Issue of Techpreneur Magazine

We believe by telling the stories of successful tech entrepreneurs in the country and across the continent, we get to spark the interest of young Africans to be innovative and bring to birth problem-solving technology solutions” Clement Fianko added.

The new issue is available for downloads on their new website: and the android app would be available soon on Play Store with the promise of an iOS version next year.

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