2017 Rewind: Top Ten Stories On Tech Nova

It’s barely been a year since we started Tech Nova and the acknowledgement and support from some of our readers have been really great.

We’ve worked hard to try to give our readers great articles and stories about what’s happening in the Ghanaian tech scene. It’s a been a great 2017 and we hope that we continue to grow in 2018.

So just to give a recap, we’re presenting you with some of our top articles which have interested readers in the year 2017. These are Tech Nova’s top stories of 2017:

1. #Disrupters: Meet The 19-Year-Old Ghanaian School Dropout Who Makes a Living Writing Code

This is a story about a young 19-year-old named Suleiman Ampo Mohammed, who dropped out of school to pursue his dreams of coding thanks to iSpace. It’s a real cool story. You can check it out here.

2. Review: Kwesé TV Has A Long Way To Go Before It Can Disrupt DSTV In Ghana


This year, Kwese TV launched in Ghana. Seen as a viable competitor to DSTV, Tech Nova decided to check out Kwese TV to see what it offered consumers and if it was a viable alternative to DSTV. Check out our review – Kwese TV Review

3. Ghana’s Digital Addressing System Is Officially Launched; GhanaPostGPS Is Live

Earlier in the year, the new Ghana government made a promise to roll out a digital addressing system to help solve the problems of identifying landmarks and addresses in Ghana. In October, the new solution was unveiled as GhanaPostGPS. It was met with some praise as well as scepticism by the tech community in Ghana.

Here’s Tech Nova’s original story and our take on the GhanaPostGPS app.

4. Google Maps Now Has Live Traffic Information In Accra

Before GhanaPostGPS, the good old Google Maps has been giving directions to Ghanaian users and drivers have been using its voice over directions to get to their destinations. Most Uber drivers in Ghana use Google Maps even though there are alternatives out there. Recently, Google flipped the switch which enabled live traffic to be viewed in real time.

Check out the original story here.

5. Some Of Ghana’s Top Social Media Influencers (Part 1)

This year, Tech Nova partnered up with Echo house for the first Social Media Week in Accra. There had been debates about some of the best social media influencers in Ghana. Tech Nova put out our own list of influencers. You can view the list here.

6. ZeePay Takes Top Prize As Startup Of The Year At 2017 Ghana Startup Awards

At the Ghana Startup Awards 2017, Fintech company Zeepay managed to beat an impressive list of competition and walk away with the prestigious prize of Startup of the year.

Story here

7. Ambitions Of A Hustler: The Grind Of Being An Uber Driver In Accra

Uber officially launched in Ghana in 2016. Since then, it’s enjoyed relative success in Ghana. Although there have been some horror stories of both bad driver and rider behaviour, Uber services are still in high demand.

Tech Nova decided to go behind the scenes and examine exactly what it was like to be an Uber driver in Ghana. Check out the original story here.

8. Did The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Sign A Deal With A Con Man?

Earlier this year, news broke that Ghana was going to build Africa’s first spacepad launch centre thanks to a foundation called the Keshe foundation. However, the MOU which was signed between the Ghana Atomic Commission and Keshe foundation was cancelled because of the dubious background of the Keshe foundation’s founder, Mehran Keshe.

We wrote a story about the background of Keshe and his seemingly shady background. Story here.

9. The Next Big Thing: Conversations With tinyDavid, The Makers Of SnooCode

Before the public knew about GhanaPostGPS/AsaaseGPS, there was SnooCode. A simple app which could generate a user’s digital address in seconds. Tech Nova was invited by tinyDavid, the makers of SnooCode for a sitdown interview to learn more about the company. Check out our story about tinyDavid here.

10. Backseat Driver: Can Ride-Sharing Apps Make The GPRTU In Ghana Obsolete?

After the launch of Uber in Ghana, we wondered how ride-sharing apps might affect transportation in Ghana and whether they could make the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) obsolete.

Check out the original story and give your thoughts on it.

Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator and editor of TechNovaGh.com, an online digital platform focusing on technology in Ghana.

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