Alpha Media Innovations Presents: The Scale Up Program

Scale Up is an initiative to help SMEs and Start-ups expand their market size and increase revenue through effective digital brand communications. If your product has gone past the Product development stage and you are ready to go on the market, we are here to assist your prestigious team do just that for free. A strong brand has a greater competitive advantage on the competitive market and it builds a reputation for your business which increases its financial value, attracting investors in the long run.

The program is meant to provide an opportunity for growing small businesses to build a strong brand image in the digital age. Brands from all categories are welcome on board to apply as we would be providing free consultancy services to brands that do not get selected.

The Scale Up Program is part of our move to become the world’s brand powerhouse.” We believe in small beginnings and we want to play a part on the journey of tomorrow’s future giants.”

Brands that get selected would be nurtured on our program for 6 months for free with a  strong market support. We would launch on Monday 11th December and close applications in two weeks time.

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Alpha Media Innovations is a Digital Marketing start-up in Ghana. We are an evolving team in the Digital Brands ecosystem with a team of young talented creatives, marketers, developers and digital media experts, working to build the world’s next big brands.