Ghanaian Tech Startups/Products To Watch In 2018

AF Radio

You can almost say that AFRadio is the “TuneIn” of Ghana but with a few extra features. The platform allows listeners to listen to live radio and playback past radio shows. It’s available on both iOS and Android stores and a web interface is currently in the works.

It should interesting to see how AFRadio evolves next year in 2018.


I’m a fan of ExpressPay. I’ve been using it for a while now. The application allows users to easily buy mobile credit, pay bills and conduct other financial transactions. Earlier in the year, they revealed a new feature which allows users to make bank deposits directly.

With lots of competition coming from other Fintech companies, ExpressPay will definitely need to step its game up and we should look out for what they offer in 2018.


Slydepay is another company to watch in 2018. A product of DreamOval, Slydepay is similar to ExpressPay as they allow users to buy airtime, pay bills as well as other financial transactions through the mobile app.

This year, Slydepay unveiled a similar feature to ExpressPay where users can transfer funds directly into bank accounts.

The Fintech competition is heating up and Slydepay is one of those companies to watch for in 2018.


Seemingly snubbed for the Ghana Digital Posting Addressing System, SnooCode is still a company to look out for as the folks behind the app, tinyDavid, have other products they’re working on which leverage the existing product of SnooCode.


Yes. GhanaPostGPS is one of the apps you should look out for in 2018. With the government backing the app as the defacto product for assigning digital addresses in Ghana, readers should be following up to see whatever improvements are made to the app going forward and see how well the app is integrated amongst Ghanaian users.


As a Fintech company leveraging on Mobile Money rather than debit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Mazzuma is in a unique position with its mobile app.

As more users get onboard the mobile money train in Ghana, can Mazzuma attract more users to their app to make more mobile money transactions in 2018? We’ll need to keep an eye on them to see if they can make some headway.

Inclusive Technologies

Inclusive Financial Technologies is a Fintech company with an interesting product called “Inclusive ID“.

Inclusive ID is a single identity verification API connecting unbanked Africans to the global economy. It would enable Pan-African financial institutions and global financial service providers focused on Africa to meet Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) compliance.

Next year should be an interesting one for the company as they are in the process of beta testing their API with developers. With the Ghana Card ID scheduled to launch next year, Inclusive will be in a unique position with their “Inclusive ID” product in 2018.


aftown is an online music store which provides a platform for Ghanaian and African artists. Launched this year, the platform has various artists on its platform including the likes of EL, Worlasi and Adomaa.

Users can pay for music using their mobile money accounts, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

With the Ghanaian public slowly embracing streaming and downloading services, aftown has a chance to become the “iTunes” or “Spotify” of Ghanaian and African musicians if it gets enough backing from users.

So can aftown change the minds of users to adopt online music purchase legally?

They’re definitely a company you should look out for in 2018.


It was a bit last minute but we decided that we would be adding two extra companies to our list of products to watch out for in 2018


Taxify is (re)launching in Ghana. Yep. Taxify came to Ghana last year and operated for a few months before disappearing. But it looks like you have re-emerged and are ready to take on the competition. We’re adding Taxify to our list of companies to look out for because if they play their cards right, they could definitely give Uber a run for their money like they’re doing in Lagos, Nigeria


We caught Enshika late but they seem to have a unique angle in their approach to the ride-sharing economy in Ghana. Riders (or Enshikans as the company refers to them) can accumulate points and later redeem those points for discounts on rides and other uses. In a seemingly already crowded space in Ghana, we should keep an eye on Enshika and see how they hold up

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