Editor’s Note – Advice To Tech Startups When It Comes To Media Coverage

When I started Tech Nova this year, I wanted to give more light to tech companies doing interesting stuff as well as write stories about what was happening in Ghana when it came to technology.

Tech Nova is far from a media company but it does its best to showcase and shed light on some upcoming startups, tech news and entrepreneurs in society.

Going into next year, we hope to get more behind the scenes stories and profiles about companies and personalities.

In that light, I have a little advice for upcoming startups and tech companies looking to get coverage from Tech Nova and media in general. This is crucial for helping to get your startup or product more visibility and more exposure for media houses and blogs.

Press Releases

It may seem mundane and old school, but a press release is the best way to go to announce your product or service. In your press release, you should detail your product, release date and a background of who you are and your team members.

Tech Nova does its best to try and cover all the startups but some do fall through the cracks or lost in our emails as we’re in the midst of researching stories and articles. So its best to send us a press release to our email address: [email protected] dot com.

(*If we don’t respond in 24 hours to your email, send us a reminder or just hit us up on Twitter (@TechNovaGH).

Website Visibility

Companies need visibility and sometimes building a website/landing page is a good way to go. Having a Facebook page is not enough. There are lots of resources online which make it easier for you to build a website or landing page to show off your startup or product. It doesn’t need to be fancy. The most important thing that needs to be on there is content about your product/startup and contact information.

Social Media

Nowadays, some people prefer to reach out to companies via their social media pages instead of email. If you do have a social media page, make sure you’re active on it. You don’t need to have it on 24/7 but a reasonable reply to an inquiry is best in case media wants to reach out to you. Also, if you’re reaching out to media companies online, it’s best to get to the point instead of sending in a greeting of “Hi” and waiting for a reply.

That’s it for now. We look forward to writing more about tech companies, tech personalities and startups next year in 2o18. Keep pushing and keep building.