Call It A Comeback: Taxify Set To Relaunch In Ghana

The ride-hailing service from Europe, Taxify, is set to (re) launch in Accra.

Last year, Taxify appears to have had a soft launch for their product before seemingly disappearing with their services.

But now it appears that they are getting ready for a re-launch.

Heated Competition

With Taxify gearing up for a relaunch in Ghana, it’s going to need to come strong to compete with the likes of Uber and some local apps including Yenko and Uru.

One competitive advantage that Taxify hopes to use is the commission paid to its drivers. While Uber takes about a 23% – 25% commission fee from its drivers, Taxify is taking only 15% commission fee.

It should be interesting to see if riders in Ghana use the alternative in Taxify or stick to what they know. A 15% commission could also be enticing to drivers looking to make money on the side.

Taxify already operates in 19 countries worldwide, including neighbouring countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria where they are actually giving Uber a run for their money.

We’ll keep you updated about the launch of Taxify and when they’re official.