Ghana Highways Authority Introducing Point Of Sales Devices At Toll Booths Across The Country

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The Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) is introducing point of sale (POS) devices at toll booths in the country.

The POS devices will process payments and print out receipts to drivers and help enable tracking of ticket sales by toll booth attendants.

The devices are to assist the GHA and the Ghana Road Fund Secretariat (GRFS) to help reduce the loss of revenue at toll booths.

Frederick Aduagyei, the Brong-Ahafo Regional Director of the GHA, in an interview, said the devices are in their pilot stage in Accra.

What Happened To Electronic Ticketing?

Although use of POS devices to help collect revenue sounds like a good idea, one must ask about the use of an e-ticket system. The use of POS devices by toll booth attendants might actually slow down motorists and even make for a poor user experience for drivers.

In countries like the US, they have an “EZ Pass” system where toll booths automatically scan electronic tags on cars for easier and automatic access through toll booths.

We’ll need to keep an eye on this and see if any progress is made after the pilot test.

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