Safety First: Uber Ghana Now Offers Accident Insurance Cover For Riders

There have been incidents reported on social media with some Uber riders narrating stories of their drivers getting involved in accidents with riders sustaining injuries from these accidents.

It looks like Uber Ghana has been paying attention to those stories and is now offering a personal accident insurance policy cover on every trip taken on the Uber app.

Uber Ghana has partnered with Star Assurance Company Ltd and now offers personal accident policy for riders who sustain injuries on accidents while on Uber rides.

Benefits Covered Under The Insurance Policy

Here’s how riders will benefit and what they’ll be entitled to in the event of an accident while on an Uber trip:

  • Accidental medical expense costs
  • Compensation for death or permanent disability
  • Funeral expenses

If riders are involved in an accident, they can get in touch with Uber through the app help feature.

This is a good feature to roll out and definitely benefits riders in the long-term.

Now only if Uber can get their riders to be a bit more professional and make more use of the GPS feature.

Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator and editor of, an online digital platform focusing on technology in Ghana.

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