Uber Confirms Meeting With Commercial Taxi Drivers Association; Denies Ultimatum About Rebranding

Uber has responded to last week’s report that Uber operators will have to brand their vehicles with the official Taxi colors.

Lola Kassim, the General Manager of Uber in West Africa, confirmed that Uber had a meeting with representatives from the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association of Ghana but stated that no conclusion had been reached at the meeting. She went on to state that no ultimatum had been given for Uber operators to rebrand their vehicles to the official taxi colors within a month.

Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber in West Africa

She also stated that taxi drivers were made aware that Uber’s technology is open and non-exclusive and that Uber will continue to offer it to transportation service providers including taxi operators who would like to take advantage of the economic opportunities Uber provided.

Another meeting is expected in February between Uber, the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association and the Ministry of Transport for further discussions.