Review: MyTherapy, The Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker Mobile App

In this world of distractions including social media and other things in life, keeping up with your prescribed medication can be a forgetful task.

But like most things these days, there’s always an app for everything.

MyTherapyApp is an app which helps users to track their prescription.


MyTherapy App Sign Up Screen

On the surface, MyTherapy seems like just another app which sends you reminders but it has other features which make it stand out. It has a pill tracker, mood tracker and a health journal.

Users of the app can track their tablets, dosage, and measurements. All this information can be shared and printed in physical form with a health physician.

Comprehensive Medicine Reminder 

MyTherapy Planning Screen

The app has Pill reminders as well as a comprehensive database of non-Rx and Rx medications, and even refill reminders. Basically, whatever you need to be reminded of about your medication and intake, the app will remind you.

A Health Tracker for Your Needs 

Users can make use of the logo when tracking their health. For example, people with Diabetes can use the built-in weight tracker and keep track of their blood sugar levels.

A built-in mood tracker in the app keeps track of a user’s mental health or depression.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy Screen

Since this app captures a user’s health information, it complies with German privacy laws and the creators of the app do not release personal data to third parties.

If you’re someone who needs constant reminders about your medication or needs constant motivation to keep up with health, the MyTherapyApp is an app you can try it out.

For more information, you can check out their MyTherapy website. MyTherapy is available on iOS and Android Playstore.