Tech Nova Is Looking For Writers; Get Paid For Submitting Articles

Hey there! Are you a writer and blogger and have some article ideas that you want to get published? Well, we would love to have them on our website.

This month, we’re opening up Tech Nova for submission of articles. But here’s the real draw. To add extra incentive, we’re willing to pay writers for their original articles.


You can familiarize yourself with Tech Nova and see the kinds of stories we tend to focus on. We cover general technology news but also tend to write features on music, transportation, social media and other areas. Tech Nova is interested in how technology intersects in many areas in Ghana including health, business, and other fields.


We’re not looking for “Tips On How To Save Data On Smartphones”. Although that’s useful information for the public, we’re looking for stories which offer a different angle that a reader might not see. For example, if you have an opinion piece on why traffic lights should be “smarter” to ease traffic congestion with some cited examples, we would be receptive to that. 


If you’re writing an opinion piece or investigating how an app has made a dramatic change in Ghanaian society, we would love for writers to let their personality show in their article pieces. (Bonus points for sarcasm)


Yes. You get paid for the articles that you submit once it gets approved. Writers will get paid,

40 GHC for articles which are 400 – 600 words.

60 GHC for articles which are 1000 words or more.

So the more articles you submit and get approved, the more money you get paid. It’s that simple!

*NOTE: We do not accept articles which have already been featured/published on other websites. We’re only accepting and paying for original articles. (But we would be happy to publish those articles as guest posts)

 Want To Write For Us? Great!

Drop us a line to [email protected] expressing your interest. You can specify the area and general idea you’re writing about and we’ll respond accordingly. We’ll send you our style guide and the format to submit your articles.

Once you submit your article and it’s approved for publishing, we’ll send you payment for the article.