Game Changer? MTN To Deploy Self-Service Kiosk For Mobile Money Services

It looks like MTN customers may soon be getting a technological upgrade when it comes to mobile money services and transactions.

MTN is set to introduce their self-service kiosks capable of transacting mobile money transactions soon.

In addition to mobile money services, the self-service kiosk will allow customers to withdraw money from an Ecobank or Stanbic account without an ATM card. Buying and changing MTN SIM cards will also be a feature on the kiosks.

Automation And The Death Of Physical Mobile Money Merchants?

With the introduction of these self-service kiosks, the use of human mobile money vendors may soon be a thing of the past. The kiosks will allow customers to conduct mobile money services at odd hours when human vendors may not be available.

The kiosks may also address the recent surge in robberies of vendors who carry cash on them in the open.

MTN has not put out any timeline on when the kiosks will officially roll as they are now currently in testing but it looks like the system is likely to be rolled out in the next couple of months.