Yielding Accomplished African Women (YAAW) Is Aiming To Fix The Gender Gap In Ghana

Gender disparity is a topic being discussed a lot in today’s society. The World Economic Forum now estimates it will take 217 years, up from 170, to end gender-based disparities in pay and employment opportunities.

But some entrepreneurs are trying to solve this particular problem, especially in Ghana. One such entrepreneur is Diana Wilson. Diane is the founder of Yielding Accomplished African Women (YAAW).

YAAW is an organization on a mission to help women develop a gender-specific professional Toolkit to succeed in finance and technology related fields.

Diana Wilson, Found Of YAAW

According to YAAW, 90% Of a woman’s income is invested in healthcare, nutrition, education, and community development and there’s $28 tn of unrealized economic opportunity in Africa because of the gender gap.

Program Details

For 6 weeks, females who enter the program will be given training in different themes including Professional Development and Technical Training.

The program also provides certification courses, online training software, and hands-on experience with social impact projects.

YAAW wants to establish institutions across Africa and develop the next generation fo female leaders

Diana Wilson will be at the Ghana Tech Summit which is happening on the 18th to 20th of July at the Accra Conference center.