DevCongress Hosts Its “V9” Meetup At Marriot Hotel

Over the weekend, DevCongress, one of Ghana’s largest developer community, held its meetup, which was dubbed “DevCongress V9”, at the Marriot Hotel in Accra over the weekend.

DevCongress has been holding regular meetups to have discussions and engagements with other developers and individuals in the Ghanaian community. The V9 meetup was generously sponsored by CYST Company Limited, the company behind Mazzuma, the mobile money payment system.

The event had a great turnout, with a good mix of both male and female developers in attendance.

The meetup kicked off with a talk by Eunice Obugyei, a developer at DreamOval, who gave a talk about the advantages of Kotlin and why developers should consider using it.

Eunice Obugyei

The next speaker at the event was Edem Kumodzi, a Senior Consultant at Andela. His talk was about the best ways to write a CV/Resume if you’re a developer looking to get hired by recruiters.

If you’re interested in Edem’s talk, you can find his slides here:

Edem Kumodzi

The last speaker was William Adu (Andela) who gave a talk on “The Road To Becoming A Successful Dev” where he talked about what has helped him to be a successful developer and the challenges and how he overcame them.

‘’You can never be a good developer when all the code runs in your head’’, – William Adu

William Adu

Nii Osae Osae Dade, the head of the software engineering at CYST Company Limited, was given some appreciation for the sponsorship for the event before a panel session took place. Nii said even it was more of a partnership with DevCongress to help developers in the Ghanaian tech space.

Nii talked about Mazzuma’s latest offering which was Mazzuma cryptocurrency which is currently having its token sale. He also stated that they have their cryptocurrency developer API open till August.

Lastly, there was a small panel session which featured the likes of Favour Ozichukwu, Programs Manager of iSpaceNii Dade (Director Of Engineering of Cyst/Mazzuma) and Jessie Ghansah from OMG Voice talking about difficulties of funding and building a startup.

During the session, it was identified that coders need assistance with idea generation, applying business acumen to their developments and acquire funding.

Jesse spoke about the “meaningful growth’’ for startups and how it is key in order to sustain long-term retention for users.

Another important point made was not to raise money if you don’t need it and know when to cut your cost.

Overall, it was successful meetup with a great turn out. Credit to Cyst/Mazzuma for sponsoring and partnering with DevCongress for the V9 meetup.