Alliance Motors held it’s annual Test Drive event at the Aburi Botanical Gardens. The event was to give customers drivers a chance to socialize and test drive the new Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles in both regular and off-road.

Tech Nova was in attendance and we got to test drive the 2018 Range Rover Evoque.

Hands On

The interior of the Range Rover Evoque has an interesting setup. You have your standard driver dashboard with a LCD screen in between the instruments. The screen displays your fuel and oil gauge as well as the mode that the car is in. If you switch from regular to off-road, the screen gives an indication for the switch.

LCD screen shows when the vehicle is a different mode. Here’s a display when the vehicle is in off-road mode.

The Evoque has a different style of gearbox. Instead of the standard drive stick, you have a dial which you rotate to change to Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive or Sport. If you’re not used to this, it would take a bit of time to get used to. But after that, you actually realize how easy it is to switch gears.

The Evoque has a 10″ Touchscreen in the center of the dash. The rear view cameras activate when the driver puts the Evoque in reverse.

The steering wheel has controls for navigating the touch screen, setting cruise control and voice recognition.

The Range Evoque we drove had a gorgeous panoramic roof. Back seat drivers would definitely get a great view as the car is in motion.

Drive Test

Don’t doubt the off-road abilities of the Range Rover Evoque. Even though it looks like it’s built for driving in the city, it managed to show off some impressive performances during the off-road test.

From climbing steep muddy hills to driving off bump terrain, the Evoque would convince any off-road driver to reconsider their stance on it. Equipped with intelligent braking (meaning no need to manually apply the brakes during steep descents) to great driving performance, the Range Rovers engineers seem to be showing up what they’re capable off when it comes to the 2018 Evoque.

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