Tech Nova 2.0 (ish): A Few Changes Coming Soon To Your Favorite Tech Website

Once in a while, you have to put a new coat of paint on your house. Well, that’s exactly that’s going on at Tech Nova.

Today, we’re revealing some changes that you might have already noticed.

A New Logo

Yes, we have a new logo. The first logo that was developed for the site was more of a placeholder which eventually stuck in place. Now we’re getting a new, shiny logo.

New logo. Like it?

Going forward, this is the new official logo we’ll be using for all placements. We’re update our media kit to reflect the changes.

Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Tech Nova has a newsletter (we do?)

Yes, we have a weekly newsletter that goes out every week to our subscribers. It gives readers a chance to get all the stories we post during the week.

But we’ll be tweaking the format a bit. Instead of every week, subscribers will be getting a bi-weekly newsletter but with more content and more personalized writing.

In the coming weeks, don’t freak out if you’re subscriber if you don’t the newsletter in a week. Just wait till the next week and it will definitely show up.

Haven’t signed up to the newsletter yet? Here you go: Tech Nova Newsletter

New Site Design Coming Soon(ish)

Some people are not a fan of changes. It’s understandable. But Tech Nova will be going through some slight design changes. We have over 400+ articles since we launched last year. There’s some really good articles we’ve written in the past and we would want our readers could easily get to them to read.

With the new design, there will be more emphasis on showing off different categories so readers can easily find what they’re looking for.

We appreciate your readership and for following us as we try to bring your frequent and relevant content from the technology space in Ghana. If we have any questions, suggestions, appreciations (💪🏽), you can send them all to [email protected]