Mazzuma Officially Launches 3rd Sale Of Their Maz Token

On Wednesday 22 August, Mazzuma, the mobile money payment company, officially launched the third sale of their Mazzuma Token. The “Maz” token is a cryptocurrency to facilitate global payments.

Users can use the Mazzuma Mobile app as the primary medium of exchange for the Mazzuma token. The app will display account details, amount of MAZ in the wallet, transaction history, Mazzuma price graph, account, QR code amongst other features.

Mazzuma Mobile App

Users will be able to send Mazzuma tokens to other users and authorize transactons on the Mazzuma platorm seamlessly and instantly.

The MAZ token allocation will be as follows:

The third token sale will officially end on September 5th, 2018 and the MAZ cryptocurrency will officially list on exchanges in Q3 2018.