Back To School: Essentials Apps For University Students

School’s back and Ghanaian university students are heading back to the classroom for another semester. More technology use is being permitted in class and it helps to know what apps are out there for students to take advantage of to stay ahead of the curve.

Grammarly (Chrome Extension)

Is your writing bad and you feel lazy to go back and correct all the bad grammar in your essays? Well, Grammarly can help solve all those problems. If you’re in the browser, you can use Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension which will highlight all the words that need to fixed. It won’t turn you into the greatest writer in the world, but it will save all the trouble with bad grammar.

Pocket (Android, iOS, Web Browser)

If you’re doing research and have to look up a bunch of articles, you probably just open up all the tabs and hope to come back and read them at some point. With Pocket, you can save all of them and come back and read them later. Pocket has a chrome extension which allows to save your webpages and read them later on your Android and iOS device and even your browser.

ToDoist (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS)

Do you have a long list of tasks and can’t keep track of most of them? With Todoist, it can help to reduce that burden. You can group your tasks in categories and check them off when you complete them. Don’t get carried away with your tasks though…..

ScanBot (Android, iOS)

Most classrooms still require paper and physical textbooks even in this digital age. But what if you want to take that information on the go. Enter, ScanBot, an app that easily scans paper hand-outs and transforms them to PDF with searchable text. You can also annotate on documents in the app.

Notion (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Notion is a game changer. It does everything from helping you to notes, tasks, wikis, and create informational databases. It works well for individuals and also for teams and group projects.

These are just a few of some of the essential apps for students going back to class. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section. Happy Semester!