Twitter State Of Mind: The Ghana Edition

Most people would say that the social media platform known as Twitter is just another social media platform like Facebook. Well, you would be a bit wrong in that regard.

Twitter considers itself as a “News” platform, delivering relevant and up to date content about what’s happening in the world.

Basically, GH Twitter is 1% of the population.

But what’s the state of Twitter in a country of Ghana? Well, we had a small conversation with a representative from Ad Dynamo, Africa’s largest digital media sales house whose portfolio includes Twitter. We got some interesting information about the usage of Twitter in Ghana.

Twitter State Of Mind

Don’t get it twisted. At times it may seem that Ghana’s voice is represented by the trends and tweets that you find on the Twitter platform. But you would be terribly mistaken.

The estimated number of Twitter users in Ghana is about 400,000. When you compare that number to Ghana’s current population of Ghana of 29 Million, that’s a small drop in a bucket.

Basically, GH Twitter is 1% of the population.

Twitter is hardly the voice of the Ghanaian people. One would guess that most of Twitter users in Ghana are in most of the popular cities including Accra and Kumasi.

So if you think an issue that keeps appearing on your timeline is being discussed in the entire country, that might not be the case.

So What’s On Ghana Twitter?

Once in a while, a serious issue will dominate your Twitter timeline and get everyone talking. But those issues come and go.

So what is mostly talked about the Ghana Twitter timeline?

You would find most topics including music, news, art, gossip, and sports. You can always expect weekends to be dominated by sports tweets as Ghanaians constantly tweet about English Premier League games.

Normal trend on Saturdays in Ghana

Twitter Advertising

So are Ghanaians taking advantage of Twitter’s advertising platform? Well, not really. Not many businesses are advertising on Twitter but it’s gradually getting. Some brands every now and then will promote their handles or a tweet onto your timeline. You can see that “Promoted” sign at the bottom of the tweets.

But you hardly see promoted tweets for all the “My customer is on your TL” tweeters.

But the number of brands using Twitter advertising is slowly growing. Brands like MTN and Vodafone frequently make use of “Promoted Tweets” to advertise their service in users’ timelines. It’s only a matter of time before more small businesses and other brands take advantage of the advertising options.

Twitter Is For The Young Folks…For Now?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the age group of most users of Twitter in Ghana is mostly in the early to mid-20s. Facebook is still king when it comes to most users on social media with an estimated 4,900,000 users.

But with every expanding internet penetration in different parts of the country and Twitter launching a “Lite” version of their app, it should be expected that the number of Twitter will increase, albeit at a slower pace.