Some could argue that Twitter has become a passive forum where users tend to post content and not interact with each other unless they are in the same social circles.

But Twitter wants to change that and make the platform more engaging for everyone. The social media platform is testing new features designed to enhance conversations. Some of these new features include a presence indicator (status indicator).

The aim of these new features is to help people who are friendly find each other and start tweeting.

Below is a prototype of what the new features would look like:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

The redesigned conversations highlight replies from the original poster in a different

Other Twitter designs include adding a reply field to every single tweet. Users would see this new field as they scroll through their feed.

Are You Online?

Another new feature Twitter is working on is a presence indicator. Users can show what to display on Twitter.

Users would also be able to include their current status while they tweet.

Will These New Features Make Twitter More Engaging?

The question is whether these features will make Twitter more engaging. I personally find Ghana Twitter to be a passive forum where there’s not much engagement unless a controversy is brewing.

Hopefully these new features do create a spark for more engagement on the platform. But whether it’s successful or not remains to be seen.

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator and editor of, an online digital platform focusing on technology in Ghana.Email: [email protected]

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