Will The Ministry of Energy’s Tax Free Incentive Be A Spark For Electrical Vehicles In Ghana?

The current government recently unveiled their budget for 2019 in Parliament.

One of the interesting things read in the budget presentation was in the area of green initiatives. The Minister of Finance stated that in 2019, the Minister of Energy would introduce tax-free solutions for full electrical vehicles to promote the shift from fuel-based vehicles to electrical vehicles.

He stated, “A successful transition will require a Public-Private partnership in installing necessary infrastructure for electrical charging. Ghana cannot be left behind to become the dumping site for environmentally harmful products”.


A Spark For Electrical Vehicles In Ghana?

Many other countries have outlined policies to phase out fuel based vehicles in the coming years. MPs in the UK has proposed banning petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 and China are also considering banning all fuel-based vehicles.

Ghana is not yet at the stage of banning fuel based vehicles but tax incentives for electric vehicles is a good start for getting a conversation started. This could be a good incentive for a company like Tesla or other car makers to set up in Ghana.