Vodafone Wins Bid For 4G Spectrum

Vodafone Ghana has successfully acquired a 2×5 MHz frequency spectrum block which will allow it to begin 4G operations. The frequency sprectrum was in the 800 Mhz Band for mobile services.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) had previously announced biddings for the spectrum in which Vodafone was able to successfully negotiated for financially. The NCA had a public call last September, inviting applications from eligible entities for the grant of a license to establish, maintain and operate Mobile Services in the 800 MHz band.

According to the NCA, two companies submitted applications, with Vodafone emerging as the only successful applicant.

“Vodafone Ghana, thus, has been provisionally awarded one lot of 2×5 MHz in the 800 MHz Band at a price of $30,000,000,” the NCA noted.

Previously, MTN Ghana had been able to acquire the 4G license but had made note that the price that they had paid to acquire the license ($68 million) was too high.

Vodafone had joined in to state the same position. But with a successfuly negotiation of the price of $30 million, Vodafone Ghana will now be able to deploy 4G mobile services in the country.