Technology Logistics Company Kobo360 Officially Launches In Ghana

Kobo360, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Africa focused on the logistics/ supply chain framework officially launched today in Ghana. The company recently launched in Togo and is hoping to launch in other West African countries in the interim.

Kobo360 has been in beta operation in Ghana for 3 months and has already recorded over 100 trips, collaborating with clients such as Olam Ghana.

Chief Operating Officer – West Africa of Kobo360, Bilal Abdullah said, “We foresee great opportunities in Ghana – not just for us, but also for our clients and drivers. By moving into Ghana, we are connecting all of the markets and are building a global logistics operating system [G-LOS] that will support our clients in their quest to move their cargo around the continent.

With Ghana’s port of Tema undergoing major expansion works in order to quadruple it’s handling capacity, we are anticipating demand for a safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of goods, which is where Kobo360 will be instrumental.”

The Kobo360 platform will use data and technology to match user requests with a selection of quality trucks of all categories. The company has worked with partners including Coca Cola, Olam, and Dangote.

Kobo 360 Client List

Kobo360 were recently named “Disrupter of the Year” at the Africa CEO Forum awards and recently launched a new Global Logistics App, designed to enhance the speed, transparency and real-time monitoring of cargo delivery. The company demoed it’s app to the audience in attendance to show off features including “Battlefield”, where users can track their shipments in real time using a virtual map.

By the end of 2019, Kobo360 is expected to be in nine African countries.