Note From The Editor: Changing Narratives

Hi everyone. This is Joseph-Albert Kuuire, Creator and Editor of Tech Nova.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for continuing to follow and read Tech Nova. When this website was started two years ago, the goal was to create a platform where tech news in the Ghanaian space could be properly researched, given a better back story and published for the general audience.

Two years later and the response we’ve been getting from our readers has been great.

Going forward, we would like to continue that trend of providing relevant and properly researched stories for our readers. In order to do that, we’ll need to tweak a few things and get things in order so we don’t lose our focus. As editor, I would like to highlight a few things that we’ll be focusing on going forward.

What We Will Be Covering On Tech Nova

The following is what we’ll be focusing on exclusively when it comes to content on the platform:

  • Strong, informative and sometimes data-driven stories for the Tech Nova audience.
  • Reported and researched stories that give readers different angles such as the breakdown of new government technology policies and trends in the Ghanaian community.
  • How technology intersects with other fields, including business, government health, politics, and culture in Ghana.
  • Promotion of Tech related events in Ghana
  • Press releases about companies, products, and services (all of which we will be scrutinized before publishing).

What We WON’T Be Covering On Tech Nova

Going forward, we won’t be covering or publishing the following on our platform as we try to focus more on relevant content:

  • Promotions of Services And Products (Unless it’s sponsored content)
  • Opinion pieces or personal promotions
  • Stories which have already been published on other platforms

External Contributions

At Tech Nova, we accept contributions from the general public if it falls into the criteria of what we will be covering on the site (See Above). If contributions fall outside the criteria, it will not be published.

Focus On Stories, Journalism and Blog Vs News Platform

As editor, I’ve been going back and forth about what exactly the Tech Nova site is. At this point, I tend to classify Tech Nova as a digital platform where we write news stories, cover tech events and write features. It has seemingly evolved from personal opinions and write-ups to covering events and scrutinizing what’s in the news. Hence the reason for the slight shift in direction.

We feel that tech products and services don’t get enough criticism and scrutiny in order for the persons behind the scenes to make improvements.

In the coming future, we will be asking you (the reader) about your thoughts about our platform in order to make improvements and solidify our direction.

Thanks once again for reading and being a part of our progression.