Accra Slack Platform Community Officially Launches

Most workplaces are adopting new communication tools for their employees. These new tools are helping with better communication for teams and more efficient workflows for daily activities.

Slack is one of those tools that most workplaces are utilizing. Slack is a collaborative workspace for communications and managing projects and tasks.

Slack can be used to also build local communities and meet up groups. The Accra Slack Community Platform is one of the newest community groups which launched on Friday 19th July 2019 at the Stanbic Bank Incubator.

Dominic Sepenu, Community Lead for the Accra Slack Community

Ghana is the second in Africa to launch a community. It is a local meetup-style group run by dedicated organizers who want to spread their passion for the Slack platform to the local Ghanaian community.

The group will be a place to connect, share, and create the future of work with other Slack developers, designers, and product managers. It will also be a place to learn about Slack platform products and development tools, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies.

The launch of the event was to discuss what the community would be embarking on in the coming months and to engage with the local community about the benefits of the Accra Slack group.

There was a small panel to talk about the use of tools for emerging markets.

Anyone interested in the community can sign up