5 Takeaways From MTN’s Media Forum 2021

At a media forum organized for Ghanaian media practitioners including general media and bloggers, MTN presented the audience with both a look back at the success of MTN for their 25th anniversary as well as a look forward at what they plan to do in the coming years.

MTN Ghana CEO, Selorm Adadevoh

MTN Ghana’s CEO, Selorm Adadevoh, gave audience members a look back at how far MTN had come during its 25 years in Ghana as well as outlined what MTN has in store for its users and customers in the coming years.

Here are 5 takeaways we got from the event:

1. Ambition 2025 Is MTN’s Revised Strategy

Given the onset of the COVID19 pandemic which helped to accelerate digital growth in many parts of the world including Ghana, MTN Ghana revamped its digital strategy which it calls “Ambition 2025” to help with its plan of digitising its services.

In its strategy, MTN Ghana plans a number of initiatives to digitise most of its services and be the leader in the mobile space. It outlines a number of values and core strategies it hopes to achieve by the year 2025.

2. “Chenosis” Looks Like A Big Deal

In his presentation about MTN’s Five Growth Platforms, Selorm Adadevoh outlined one platform called “Chenosis“.

Chenosis will be an API marketplace that will act as an aggregator and exchange for third parties to access. A use case is a company attempting to come into the Ghanaian space and leveraging on Chenosis to easily tap into to build services for their specific users.

No specific details have been given about the Chenosis platform but it will be something to watch.

3. MTN Will Modernize 1322 Sites For 5G Readiness In 2021 and 2022

Although they haven’t officially set a date for trials, MTN is prepping and modernizing about 1322 sites for 5G readiness for this and next year.

From the presentation, we also learned that MTN has 73% coverage for 4G in Ghana and they play 607 new 4G sites this year in 2021.

4. Ayoba Is Officially MTN’s Superapp

MTN’s Ayoba is an all-in-one communications app by MTN. It also if voice and video calling, games, music, news, entertainment news, and other content.

Currently, the app has over 1 million users in Ghana. MTN users in other countries can also access the app and communicate with each other.

MTN is currently having a developer hackathon and plans to offer services through the Ayoba app through the use of micro-apps.

5. MTN Is Integrating MoMo Into The GHQR Platform

Last year, the Government of Ghana introduced the GHQR, a universal QR code platform that allows users to make payments for services with the use of QR codes.

MTN will be integrating with the GHQR platform this month (August) by implementing its first phase of USSD payments.

MTN plans to introduce another phase where users will be able to scan QR codes and make payments with their mobile money wallets.

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