5 Things We Expect To See In The Ghana Tech Ecosystem in 2023

Welcome to the year 2023! Glad to have you here safe and well.

As we begin a new year, we wanted to take a look at the Ghana tech ecosystem and write out what we expect to transpire this coming year.

Without further ado, here are five things we expect to see in the Ghana tech ecosystem in 2023:

Launch of 5G In Ghana

MTN was poised to launch its 5G network in 2022 but the the carrier delayed the launch to the next year.

After launching other 5G networks in countries like Zambia, we expect MTN to formally launch 5G in Ghana later this year.

Cryptocurrency Regulation Framework

In 2023, we expect to see some form of regulation of cryptocurrency in Ghana. Although the Bank of Ghana has cautioned the public against the use of crypto in the country, the regulator did soften its stance late last year when the Governor Dr. Ernest Kwamina Yedu Addison stated the his outfit was working on the development of a comprehensive framework for crypto regulation.

There’s no definite timeline but we expect some sort of draft or policy to be outlined by the Bank of Ghana in 2023.

Electric Vehicle Policy

The Ministry of Energy in 2021 made headlines when they announced that they had started work on a comprehensive draft document on technical regulations and policy framework that tackles all technical issues on the mass deployment of electric vehicles in Ghana.

The draft was being spearheaded by the Energy Commission in collaboration with relevant sectors such as Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC).

The draft policy was expected to be out by the end of 2021 but unfortunately, there were no updates.

We’re expecting the policy to made available this year in 2023 to help with proper regulation and infrastructure when it comes to EVs in Ghana.

Passage Of Startup Bill

Ghana has been working on a startup bill which will amongst other things help to provide legal backing for businesses and startups as well as help promote promote creativity, innovation, and the use of new technologies in achieving a strong added value and competitiveness at the national, regional, and district levels.

The bill has been in development since 2020 and has been at various workshop levels to fine tune it.

We expect that bill to undergo final changes and approvals and to be passed by parliament later this year.

Introduction Of E-Cedi Digital Currency

In 2021, the Bank of Ghana commenced a pilot for the e-Cedi currency in a sandbox environment in September.

The e-Cedi digital currency is a form of currency that is available only in digital or electronic form, and not in physical form.

The Bank Of Ghana has been testing the e-Cedi on different platforms including expressPay as well as testing its offline functionality in different parts of the country.

We expect the Bank of Ghana to formally rollout the e-Cedi currency this year to the larger population.

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