5 Things We Learned From ExpressPay’s CEO Interview With CitiTrends

Curtis Vanderpuije, the CEO of ExpressPay, one of the most well known payment apps in Ghana, recently had an interview with CitiTrends’ Phillip Ashon to discuss ExpressPay and its plans in Ghana and their future plans.

Here are five highlights from the interview:

ExpressPay Was Created Because Of “Frustration”

Mr. Vanderpuije stated that one of the reasons for ExpressPay existing was because of frustration with payment space in Ghana. He gave an example of waiting to make a transaction at a banking establishment and then being told that their system was “down”. Together with his partners, they decided to build a solution with deal with moving money easily without have to deal with those problems.

ExpressPay Is Ready To Expand To Other Markets

Mr. Vanderpuije stated that ExpressPay is now looking to expand to other markets. Although he didn’t give specifics, he did state that Rwanda was looking like a good option because of the country’s ease of entry and its regulation space. But he did state that they are looking at other markets at well.

ExpressPay Has A USSD Solution

ExpressPay has built a USSD solution for their services whereby users can dial *246# on their devices and access ExpressPay services without downloading their mobile app.

ExpressPay USSD Service

ExpressPay Is Pushing Smart Point Of Sale Devices To Merchants

ExpressPay has been rolling out their personalised Smart Point of Sale (POS) devices to merchants for in-person transactions. The POS devices comes with the ExpressPay app installed and this enables merchants to make payments via Mobile Money, Cards, and QR code.

They Haven’t Entered The Crypto Space Because Of Regulation

Although he stated that ExpressPay has been playing around with cryptocurrency internally, the company hasn’t formally entered the space because of the regulator’s (Bank Of Ghana) current stance against transacting with crypto.

Until the regulator’s stance changes, don’t expect ExpressPay with deal with crypto in Ghana (for now).

You can listen to the full interview on the CitiTrends’ Podcast

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