About Us

Tech Nova is a website focusing on technology and how it affects people in Ghana and the world. The site focuses on application of technology in government, finance, transportation, and other arenas in Ghanaian lives.

The sites produces original content and aims to inform the reader about the technology space in Ghana and around the world. Tech Nova will feature written reviews of mobile apps and tech gear, opinions and stories about people and startups, and also features interactive content like videos. Tech Nova hopes to be the center of the reader’s world when it comes to all things technology.

Tech Nova will also focus on long form articles to tell stories about individuals in the Ghanaian tech space and feature stories about social issues and see how technology is being applied to fix those problems.

Tech Nova was started by Joseph-Albert Kuuire in 2017 with the aim of providing more stories about the tech scene in Ghana.

Step into our universe. Welcome to Tech Nova.