Tech Nova features a very modern and clean website. The clean user interface makes for easy reading and browsing of the site as well as opportunities for advertising.

From editorial and long form articles to reviews of technology services and products, Tech Nova creates the best content for our audience which is ever growing.

Have a product or service that you think might be interested to the Tech Nova audience? Then Tech Nova is your best option.

Advertising Options

Tech Nova features two ways of advertising on our website: Banner ads and Sponsored Posts.

With banner ads, your products or services will featured in ad spaces on the homepage and in different posts and articles.

With sponsored articles, content is funded by and created in collaboration with the advertiser. Tech Nova will work closely with the you, the advertiser, to help tell your brand story through narrative story telling that will be compelling to the audience.

Contact Us

If you’re interested, send an email to [email protected] for rates or more information about our advertising options.