Alliance For AI Is Working To Promote The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Africa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big trend that is quickly growing across Africa. From healthcare to agriculture, the use of AI to help solve problems is growing at a rapid pace.

Alliance for AI Africa is a group which is promoting Africa AI, to ensure that Africans develop the capacity to contribute to the global development of AI, and apply it to solving pivotal socio-economic challenges that will position the continent for accelerated growth.

Some of the Alliance’s objectives include:

  • Aggregating AI stakeholders across the African ecosystem
  • Accelerating learning & development for AI innovators
  • Influencing policy amendments to support AI
  • Supporting AI projects & business level activities
  • Celebrating success of the ecosystem
  • Advocating African AI affairs abroad

With the recent set up of an AI research centre from Google, it’s safe to say that the promotion of AI is going full force.

More information about the Alliance can be found on their website: Alliance4AI.

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